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If you’ve always liked music, but never learned to play an instrument, you should join one of our Adult Play for Fun groups that will provide motivation and enjoyment as you achieve your goal. With easy play instruments to use and encouragement of new friends in your small group, you will find out how much fun it is to learn to play an organ or keyboard.

Adult Keyboard Classes

The Adult Keyboard classes are a small number of adults who are learning to play for the first time. These groups meet once a week for a few weeks to experiment with the novelty of learning how to play the keyboard.

Prossers provides the music, meeting place, coach and an easy play instrument for you to practice on in your home for a minimal cost. Encouragement from other members of the group add to the enjoyment and self-confidence you gain. There's no pressure that you need to stay up with the group in performance as future sessions and practice at home will help increase your level of skills and musical knowledge.

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Play For Fun Groups

Play For Fun groups are made up of a small group of adults who have varying levels of playing ability and enjoy joining with others to further expand their playing ability. Often these groups participate in other activities such as concerts, trips to various activities, potlucks and parties to combine with the enjoyment of sharing music with each other. One would think their meeting room is the local Adult Activities Center, but all are delighted to get together with old and new friends once a week and expand their musical accomplishments.

Play For Fun small groups and events meet weekly in Bellevue and surrounding communities in addition to the activities in our showroom facilities.  Call (206) 546-9103 for Eastside schedules and information.


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